Hump Day!!! feat. State Champs – Elevated

State Champs are a pop-punk band from Albany, New York founded by members Derek Discanio (vocals) and Tyler Szalkowski (guitar). State Champs are one of a number of bands bringing in a sort of “new wave” of real genuine pop-punk. They draw a lot of influence from bands like New Found Glory and it shows a lot in their style as well as their stage presence. These boys have only just released their first LP in October of 2013 and it’s already clear that they’re going to be a group we’ll be heard from for a while. State Champs recently did their first full U.S. tour opening for We Are The In Crowd and will be featured on the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage for the entirety of this summers Vans Warped Tour.

I chose their track Elevated for this weeks hump day hitzzz because it’s the perfect amount of loud rock with a catchy tune you can sing along with. Perfect for distracting yourself from anything that might be getting you down this Wednesday.


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