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HUMP DAY!!! ft Knuckle Puck

Today is such a hump day that I didn’t even know it was hump day. Luckily once I made the realization that it is only Wednesday (seriously it’s only Wednesday???) I was able to drown my sorrows in the angsty tunes provided by Illinois pop punkers Knuckle Puck.

Knuckle Puck are a pop punk five-some from the Chicago suburbs and they are absolutely killing the pop punk/alternative scene right now. Since their formation in spring of 2011 they have released three EPs (not including a a split EP with Neck Deep) and toured with big names like Man Overboard, Real Friends, and Neck Deep. Knuckle Puck draw a lot of influence from bands like Saves the Day and Lifetime and cite their hometown homies Real Friends as “not only role models… but as our best friends”.

Their song “No Good” really highlights the things that make them unique from any other band on the scene right now. Knuckle Puck combine their heavy instrumentals and smart lyrics in a way that keeps you coming back for more. I personally have had their 3 1/2 EPs on repeat for a week now and every day I hope for the announcement of a full length record. Until then you can catch these boys wrecking havoc with Senses Fail this fall on the “Let it Enfold You” 10th Anniversary tour. Catch them while you can because I guarantee Knuckle Puck will be a band you’ll regret not seeing by the end of the year!